Campus Employment

Campus employment prepares you for your post-graduate career by instilling professionalism and by helping you build relational and communication skills. Campus employment also offers you an opportunity to earn wages while attending college. These wages can be put toward paying your UPIKE balance or for personal expenses. You may be eligible for a federal work study position or you may be able to work as a part-time student employee of UPIKE.

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You must first file a FAFSA and indicate that you are interested in work-study. If you are eligible, you will be offered a federal work-study award as part of your financial aid package. You can find this on your award letter or on WebAdvisor.

Yes. You can email to request a review for federal work-study. If that is not available to you, there are a number of jobs available on BEARS@WORK that you can apply for.

You must login to , create a profile, upload your resume and apply for as many positions as you want.

Yes. Payroll is processed every two weeks and you will receive a check based on the number of hours you have worked. You must log your hours in WebAdvisor and get supervisor approval before you can get paid. Typical wage is above minimum wage