Eight UPIKE Students Named 2024 ACA Ledford Scholars

The 糖心视频 (UPIKE) is pleased to announce eight students were selected to receive Appalachian College Association (ACA) Ledford Research Scholarships. These scholarships offer financial assistance for summer and fall research projects to undergraduate students enrolled at ACA member institutions. Ledford Scholars receive guidance from a UPIKE faculty member and later present their research from a variety of fields of study, such as health sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM) Professor of Biochemistry Sujin Bao, Ph.D., serves as the mentor for biology major Connor McGuire. His research is titled 鈥淭he Role of Two Noncoding RNAs in Memory of Mice.鈥

Assistant Professor of Information Technology Management (ITM) Praveen Guraja, Ph.D., is serving as the mentor for ITM major James Price. His research topic is 鈥淎rtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques in Diabetes Prediction and Management in Eastern Kentucky.鈥

KYCOM Associate Professor of Physiology Guichun Han, Ph.D., serves as the mentor for chemistry and psychology major Erica Werth and biomedical sciences major Wali Ghayur. Werth鈥檚 research is titled 鈥淒etermine the Mechanism of How Estrogen Promotes the Bradykinin Effect on Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase.鈥 Ghayur鈥檚 research is titled 鈥淒etermine the Mechanism of Estrogen-induced G Protein Activation in Coronary Artery.鈥

UPIKE Chaplain and Instructor of Religion Rob Musick, Ph.D., is serving as the mentor to history major Kolton Hall and business major Ethan Stiltner. Hall鈥檚 research topic is titled 鈥淔olk Religious Ideas and Practices of Central Appalachia and Its Impact on Communal Belonging.鈥 Stiltner鈥檚 topic is titled 鈥淪piritual Needs and Practices of Homeless Persons in Rural Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern West Virginia.鈥

Assistant Professor of Biology Jessica Slade, Ph.D., serves as the mentor for biomedical sciences majors Alexa Muha and Eva Roach. Their joint research is titled 鈥淒etection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Soil Samples from Southwestern Virginia and Eastern Kentucky.鈥

UPIKE Provost Lori Werth, Ph.D., values the opportunities that have come with the university鈥檚 partnership with the ACA. She encourages students to pursue specialized learning and research opportunities such as those afforded by the Ledford Research Scholarships.

鈥淲e are so proud of our UPIKE Bears and believe deeply in student and faculty collaborative research. These experiences will benefit our students and their future career pathways,鈥 said Werth. 鈥淭hank you to the faculty mentors for making it a priority on our campus to contribute to developing knowledge in a field or study.鈥